Where should I store my caravan?

Adrian Waters • 14th July 2014

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Caravan storage can be tricky for many customers. If you've got a drive big enough to store and secure it, you're one of the lucky ones. Many of us have to keep tourers in storage and get them out when we need them.

Lower insurance premiums

A safe place for your caravan is important, but some caravanners might be surprised to find that where you keep your caravan has an effect on your insurance policy too.

The more security measures you can put in place the lower your premium. If you're using a commercial caravan storage site there is also a rating system for security and levels of service. Generally the higher the rating the lower you caravan insurance premium will be. Let's a take a quick look at the usual places to keep a caravan and assess each one.

Driveway at home

If you have the space this is the best place to keep a tourer. It doesn't have to be a driveway, it can be in your garden as long as it's within the boundary of your property. It's great if you can put it behind a locked gate or parking post - most insurers will offer lower premiums for that.

There's nothing to stop you keeping a caravan on a driveway or garden that belongs to a friend or family member. You can even park it on the street, but some councils can be difficult about it and not all insurance companies will cover you.

There is a temptation to allow insurance to lapse over the winter months when your caravan isn't being used. Unfortunately both theft and arson of caravans on driveways are on the rise, so be aware of the risk.

Off-site storage

There are lots of options for off-site storage, with varying degrees of security and charges. Whether you'll be covered for insurance, and whether there will be an effect on your premium, will depend on the site.

At the lower end you might be able to find someone who will allow you to park up on an industrial site or other unofficial space, but not many insurance companies will cover you.

Many farmers have started offering storage for caravans, boats and vehicles as an additional way to make money. Whether or not you'll be covered will depend on the security systems in place and whether it's occupied 24 hours a day

Specialised caravan storage

Most caravan sites offer storage for caravans throughout the year. There are also specialised commercial storage yards and buildings which take caravans, boats and other items. Many of these sites will have joined the Caravan Storage Site Owners Association (CaSSOA) system.

CaSSOA offers a three-tier accreditation system based on levels of security to reduce crime and fire hazards. Even the Bronze entry level offers good security and two more, Silver and Gold, are available, so check the site you're thinking of using before deciding

The higher the rating for a CaSSOA site the higher the charges are likely to be, but this can be offset to an extent by lower caravan insurance premiums. And you'll feel safe in the knowledge that your caravan will be as secure as it possibly can be.

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