How to compare caravan insurance policies

Adrian Waters • 23rd December 2014

Here at Compare Caravan Insurance we offer policies from all the top caravan insurance companies around the UK. Everyone is constantly being told to shop around to get the best deal on everything, and it's good advice.

There is a possible downside on focusing on the lowest price through, and that's that you end up being under-insured. The sweetness of low price will be forgotten long before the bitterness of having to pay out more than you expected; should your caravan become a victim of theft, fire or bad weather.

What to watch out for

When you get your quote from Compare Caravan Insurance we ask you for the details about your caravan, any extras or equipment you want to cover, and you get to choose the amount of excess you want to pay.

The excess is the amount you have to pay of any claim you make, and the insurance company will cover the rest. Around £100 is the usual minimum but you can opt to pay a higher amount, say £500. The higher the excess, the lower your premium will be, because the insurance companies' costs will be lower.

If you compare two policies, one cheaper than the other, but the cheaper one has a significantly higher excess, you could end up out of pocket. So it's important to make sure the excess amounts are the same when looking at premiums from different companies, otherwise it's not a true comparison.

Other areas to check

The excess is the easiest example but there are many other areas where you need to make sure you compare like with like.

Some policies may include a minimum cover for equipment, others don't. You also might find that one policy is cheaper, but when you add your awning to it, the premium goes up more than another.

A cheaper policy may not include enough public liability insurance. Now that everyone's being urged to make claims when they have accidents, that could trip you up, quite literally.

Compare Caravan Insurance helps you out

So take care, when you compare policies, to make sure they are equal in all respects, as far as they can be. Then you can make the best choice.

The good thing about using Compare Caravan Insurance to get the best deal is that you can try so many different options. Make a change to your requirements, hit the button again and your quotes will all be recalculated for you.

You can try all the different combinations then pick the best price for the right insurance, for you and your caravan.

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