New for old, market value, sum insured - explained

When you decide how much to insure your caravan for you can sometimes choose between 'market value' and 'new for old'. What do these terms mean? Read the article

Where should I store my caravan?

Where you store your caravan can have a big effect on the premium you pay for caravan insurance. What are the options and which ones will lower your premium significantly? Read the article

Be safe when caravanning with bottled gas

Bottled gas transforms caravan living, whether you're in a static or touring caravan. But it has to be respected and treated carefully to avoid damage or injury. Read the article

What type of alarms can you install on your caravan?

Almost four caravans are stolen every day in the UK, on average, and most are never seen again. Find out more about the different types of alarm you can buy for touring caravans. Read the article

How to compare caravan insurance policies

Comparing caravan insurance policies helps you get the best premium price. But if you don't make sure you compare like with like, you risk being under-insured.
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Top ten ideas for reducing your touring caravan insurance premium

You deserve to get the right caravan insurance at the lowest price. Read on to find out the top 10 best ways to reduce the premium of your touring caravan insurance.
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